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The 5 Steps to Professional Recordings in Your Home Studio (With the gear you already have)

The 5 Steps to Writing Great Songs in ANY Genre

Pro Vocals at Home: How to Record and Mix Radio Ready Vocals in a Home Studio

The Simple Guide to Compression

The Simple Guide to EQ

The 5 steps to professional recordings in your home studio (with the gear you already have)

As home studio musicians and engineers, we sometimes have a tendency to blame our gear for a lack of results. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! The budget gear that we have available to us today is more than capable of giving us professional level results if we follow the key steps to get there. This guide breaks down the entire process for creating a professional, radio ready recording in your home studio. From teaching you how to get the most out of an untreated room to revealing the number one secret that separates a good song from a great song, it’s all here in this guide! - Download Now

The 5 Steps to writing great songs in any genre

Songwriting is challenging, but it’s not based solely on talent! It’s a skill that can be learned like anything else! Recording becomes harder when we don’t have a good song, so this guide walks you through the five steps to writing an amazing song in any genre. Written with the help of professional songwriters, producers, and musicians, this guide covers everything from figuring out how to start writing to coming up with more interesting melodies and chord progressions. There’s even an entire section dedicated to teaching you all the ways professional songwriters deal with writer’s block! - Download Now

Pro vocals at home: how to record and mix radio ready vocals in a home studio

In most genres of music, the lead vocal is what sells the song. It’s what people gravitate towards, and a great vocal production will elevate a song even further. While the recording guide teaches you the fundamentals of recording vocals, there’s enough information, tips, and tricks out there to warrant an entire guide dedicated to just recording vocals. Recording in a home studio presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to getting a great vocal recording, so this guide is tailored to teaching you how to get an amazing, professional quality vocal with budget mics in untreated rooms and without outboard gear. This guide can help you improve your vocal recordings immediately! - Download Now


Compression might be the most misunderstood and misused tool in audio production, and we can understand why. It’s kind of confusing, and none of those knobs seems to have anything to do with music! But don’t worry - compression doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually quite simple once you break it down to its fundamentals. This guide teaches you what compression is, what it’s actually doing to the audio, what all those weird knobs and settings mean, and how and when you might want to use compression in your recording and mixing! - Download Now


EQ is probably the most important and versatile tool we have as audio engineers — yes, even more important than compression. And while EQ is fundamentally pretty simple and straightforward, there are some industry secrets and techniques used by the pros that will help you get more out of EQ and get noticeably better mixes in the process. This guide teaches you the fundamentals of EQ, but it also teaches you how the pros balance the overall mix, get clarity in the mid range, and shape an amazing low end! - Download Now