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5 Things Every Home Studio Engineer Should Know

There are tons of resources available to you online when it comes to learning how to record, mix, and master music. A lot of those sources are absolutely fantastic. But for every piece of good information available, there are 5 pieces of bad information as well. One of the challenging aspects of learning audio production is, unfortunately, finding a way to filter the good information from the bad.

In this post, I want to share with you 5 things that every home studio engineer — whether you’re producing, recording, mixing, mastering, or all of the above — should know. In addition to bad information, there are a number of people that lurk on internet forums and in YouTube comments who only try to discourage others. They’re snobs about gear, about various aspects of the process, and have fundamentalist ideas about how things should be done, and there’s little to no truth in their words. This has led to a number of myths about the home studio and the results you can get in one. You will, no doubt, find people who contradict what you read here, but do not buy into it. 

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Gabriel Hawkins